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Best Things to Use to Remove Blackheads from Nose

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Blackhead is one of stubborn problems of skin as they are tiny of equal size of the top of a needle and they have longer roots than a hair and doing a job to remove blackheads from nose can be tough. They are nearly invisible and no one will be able to notice them but your dullness and rough skin will definitely be visible to everyone, which may have been caused by many blackheads. They are too small for one to grab and pull them out using just tweezers but it requires some care work to fix the problem.

There are plenty of good advises and you will find many of them from your friends but most of them may not work for you because everyone’s skin has different skin nature. Some have thick skins while others have more oily skin. You should start by using some of the tips and see what works best for you.


Remove blackheads from nose – Use Lemon

Most people seem satisfied of using recipe that involves the use of lemons. If you talk to your friends you will find about half a dozen different kinds of recipes as they are cheap and can be made with simple and most basic recipes. Take some lemon juice, put about a tablespoon of sugar and salt, and apply it on the skin. Rub it gently so that the skin may absorb some of it and remove the dust hence causing the blackheads to go away.

Some recipes also involve using lemon juice and nutmeg which contains about the same amount of protein that an egg has. Mix them together and make a thick paste and apply it on the skin. Also rub the mixture near the nose because this is where you will mostly find blackheads and you need to focus here if you want to remove blackheads from nose. Let the mixture dry and wash the face with water.


Use Lemon and Olive Oil

Don’t be afraid to use olive oil as it will not make your skin oilier but in fact it has many good anti-oxidants and natural fatty acids which are very good for your skin. Mix it with some lemon juice making a very healthy mixture which you can even drink if you want to make yourself feel oily from inside. Apply it gently near the nose and rub with fingers. It is important to use it twice a week and rub it if you want to remove blackheads from nose.

Anti-oxidants, Vitamin C and fatty acids all together make a healthy mixture which is excellent for skin health.


Use Some General Purpose Glue

It may sound stupid to many people but it works many times if the blackheads are not very stubborn. The idea of using some general purpose glue is you stick some near the nose where blackheads mostly occur and gently peal the dried glue. This will gently remove the blackheads, especially the big ones straight out. Blackheads have straight roots like hairs they can easily be pulled out but since they don’t have something outside the skin that you can grab but you can stick glue to them instead.

Just be sure to use general purpose glue or not go for stronger glues as they can damage your skin. Performing it twice a week and keeping your skin clean with facials and other skin care products you will see a cleaner skin with fewer blackheads.


Use Sticking Strips

Some people may call it anti-blackhead strips but it is more convenient to remember it in this manner. If you have been very curious about your skin and takes good care of it using creams, face washes and face-masks then you probably may not have very stubborn blackheads near the nose. It is much easier to remove blackheads from nose if you take regular care of your skin and using anti-blackhead strips would be a quick, easy and simple way to treat them.

Whether you are a housewife or a regular traveler you can use it any time you want. It takes about less than 15 minutes to apply the strips and treat blackheads.



4 Best Natural Home Remedies for Acne You Should Try

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Acne is a kind of skin disease that is characterized by reddish skin, itching feeling, pimples and sometimes blackheads and whiteheads, and you will find plenty of home remedies for acne on web and from friends and family members. In some severe acne cases the skin becomes rough and worse depending upon skin nature and extent of acne problem.

Most of us don’t have much time during the day to spend time in front of the mirror rubbing skin with creams and doing facials, but one should still have some quick and easy to use skin cleaning creams in the bathroom shelf. Anyway, if you have not been taking enough care of your skin and have acne infection or even if it is a hormonal problem there are still some good and effective home remedies for acne that you can try. Below are some of the most effective home remedies that you can find.


Natural Home Remedies for Acne – Lemon !

Lemon – Lemon is something that you can find in almost all parts of the world and it is universally known to have Vitamin C in abundant form. It is a good anti-oxidant and brings excellent taste to food. Cut a lemon in half and squeeze it on a piece of cotton ball, and apply it on the infected skin on face. Be sure to apply it gently as it has citric acid which might cause irritation on your skin depending upon the severity of acne.

If it feels good apply it then to all of infected areas. Many people use lemon because the citric acid in the lemon is known to dry out pimples that may be housing germs and bacteria which may be worsening the acne. With regular use of lemon you should be able to feel relieved and have soothing effect on the infected area.

If your skin is filled with blackheads and whiteheads it would be a good idea to clean the skin using the comedo tool which is considered as the best blackhead remover. Lemon is often used to clean blackheads and whiteheads and while you use it to treat acne it would be a good idea to clean skin from blackhead too.



Tomato – If lemon is too harsh on your skin you can use the tomato instead as it also contains acid which is why it is easy to preserve them in cans in forms of pastes and slices. Take a fresh tomato and put some of its pulp on the skin for few minutes or overnight, wash you face next morning. Tomatoes contain Lycopene which is one of the most powerful antioxidants and it is found to be good for heart and other potential health benefits.

Applying some tomato pulp on your face overnight can make your skin very smooth and provide your skin with all the antioxidants it needs. If you don’t like putting raw tomato pulp on your skin overnight you can go for homemade or commercially made tomato face-mask.



Cucumber – Cucumber has a beautiful green color and is even more beautiful from the inside. It contains Pantothenic acid which is an essential nutrient for many animals to make protein and carbohydrate. Cucumber can also serve as one of the best natural hydrators as it comprises of 95% water with plenty of vitamins and minerals that your body needs – make sure you leave its skin on because it gives you some additional nutrients.

Using cucumber is super easy and requires no preparation except cutting some slices and putting them on your face for as long as you want. It is also one of the easiest home remedies for acne to adopt.


Olive Oil

Olive Oil – Like machines our body also needs some oiling and lubrication and olive oil can be the best skin oiling agent. It is packed with antioxidants, fatty acids and my favorite omegas. You don’t need to pour bottles of olive oil on your skin but instead take a piece of cotton and put some olive oil and apply it gently on the skin. Leave it for about half an hour before you wash your face.

Acne causes skin to dry out taking away its expansion properties. By hydrating the skin with the use of cucumber and oiling it with olive oil the skin can return to its normal texture. Once you feel that your skin has regained its smoothness you can use a blemish extractor to help your skin fight and clean off acne.



Garlic – Garlic has rough texture and very sour taste because it contains minerals such as zinc, calcium and Vitamin C which can help your skin revitalize its minerals and fight against acne. The ingredients of garlic also serve as anti-fungal agent against acne and provide natural medicine – crush some garlic cloves, mix it with water and apply some on the skin.